Peter Simon – 1st year MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets student

April 12, 2017

Before actually participating in the orientation week, I could hardly believe I was accepted to the Economics Department, especially because I was coming from a very different field. Although I did my BA in American Studies, I was always interested in policymaking and economic issues, so when I received the opportunity to continue as an MA student in Economic Policy at CEU, I felt extremely excited. Very soon though, in fact in the first week or so, I had to realize that this program would take more time and effort than I had expected. However, acquiring the abilities to assess relevant current issues and think creatively on my own rather than simply memorize lexical knowledge truly compensates for the hard work required. In addition, the open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the university has certainly been of great support. I felt home quickly in this multi-cultural environment.

People are usually quite astonished when I tell them I am a graduate student, especially when I name my prestigious university. However, I sometimes think their astonishment is not at all unfounded given the variety of my interests besides studying. For three years now, I’ve been playing the lead guitar in the Guns n’ Roses tribute band called Reckless Roses (, doing around 60 shows a year. So far, we have given concerts in 13 European countries, and earlier this year we also stepped into Asia with performing in Dubai. After touring numerous countries and meeting different cultures, I easily adapt to such a culturally diverse community as that of CEU. At our university you can develop all sides of your talent. The place is not “just” learning and research, it is much more.