Reza Mirhossein (MS Business Analytics 2018): Aviation Data Analyst at Slot Consulting, Hungary

July 22, 2019

"It was quite challenging for me to leave my profession as an aircraft engineer and pursue my goals 3000 km away from my hometown. I always had this vision of combining my technical engineering knowledge with a more generic skill, such as business analytics, to create an appealing skillset within the industry and prepare myself for our more and more data-driven world. Thankfully, CEU was the right place for this and helped me through this transition to becoming an aviation data analyst with a broader view on the industry. The MS Business Analytics program at CEU is a well-designed degree with a combination of soft and hard skills, which offers the opportunity to address real-world industry challenges. Moreover, the department’s international community and business professionals from the industry assist you with following your passion and finding your career path."