Academic and Policy Paper Writing 1

Course Term: 
1st year
ECTS credits: 
Course Description: 


The aim of this course is to help you develop as a writer within the English speaking academic  and policy communities by raising awareness of, practising, and reflecting upon the conventions of written texts. The course will also address other language skills needed for graduate level work in English.

During the course, you will:

  • Become familiar with genres and enhance skills related to research-based writing
  • Become aware of and able to use effectively the discourse patterns and conventions of academic and policy writing in English, taking into consideration the expectations of your readership
  • Improve your critical reading skills, so you can think and write more clearly and incisively
  • Develop your writing process through generating ideas, drafting, peer evaluation and individual writing consultations
  • Learn to incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing within the requirements of English academic practice

Section A — Critical Reading

This section will introduce you to the process of evaluating the context and purpose of written texts, as a preparation for the process of writing a critique as a response a published text.

Introduction to Academic Writing

Aims: To introduce you to some of the underlying issues of academic writing, including the writing process, contrastive rhetoric and genre theory

Identifying main and supporting arguments

Aims: To teach strategies for identifying key arguments, summarizing those arguments and contextualizing texts within a wider debate

Evaluating claims and comparing ideas

Aims: To teach criteria and techniques for evaluating claims and supporting evidence

Writing the critique – Genre analysis

Aims: To familiarize you with some of the features and structure of the critique as a genre in preparation for writing your own critique

Giving Seminar Presentations

Aims: To familiarize you with and give you the chance to practice techniques for giving effective and engaging oral seminar presentations


Section B — Research Based Writing

In this part of the course you will develop an awareness of features of the genre of research-based academic writing. You will also become familiar with the conventions of using the work of other authors in English academic discourse, and reflect on how these influence the development of your own voice. You will have the opportunity to apply these skills with the supervision and guidance of your writing instructor to papers that you are writing for your department.

The Nature of Research Writing

Aims: To introduce you to the process and nature of research writing and to help you to begin to plan and manage your time towards the effective completion of you written work for the semester

Introductions to Research Papers

Aims: To familiarize you with the conventions of academic writing as regards the structure of introductions to research papers

Developing Argument in Research Papers

Aims: To familiarize you with strategies and techniques for developing written argument in academic texts, both at the macro and micro level

Using Sources I: Supporting your Argument – Using Sources

Aims: To help you to understand the role of sources in academic writing, how they underpin argument and how they can be used

Using Sources II: Using the Work of Other Writers Effectively

Aims: To equip you with knowledge and strategies to enable you to use summary, paraphrase, quotation and reporting verbs effectively when referring to sources

Data Commentary

Aims: To help you understand and practice strategies for commenting and arguing on the basis of quantitative data

Conclusions to Research Papers

Aims: To familiarize you with the conventions of academic writing as regards the structure of conclusions to research papers


Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, you should be able to: • Identify the typical components and features of various genres • Structure different types of paper at the macro and micro level • Think and write more clearly and incisively • Use a variety of skills and approaches when writing papers • Write for various audiences, adapting your writing to the expectations of these audiences • Properly incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing, and understand the CEU policy on plagiarism • Edit and refine your own written work


During the course in your first year, you will have to complete two pieces of writing for your instructor. You will have ample opportunity to redraft, revise and improve your work, both in co-operation with peers and in consultation with your Writing Center instructor. In order to complete the course you will be required to attend and participate actively in all classroom session, complete the writing assignment and have two mandatory consultations with your instructor. The academic writing course is a required course, which you need to pass in order to complete your degree, but which will not affect your GPA.