Advanced Microeconometrics

Course Description: 

Course Description

This course examines econometric identification issues in empirical microeconomics and public policy analysis. It supplements topics covered Advanced Econometrics with a focus on the sensible application of econometric methods to empirical problems. The course provides background on issues that arise when analyzing non-experimental social science data and a guide for tools that are useful for applied research and policy analysis. The course also emphasizes how a basic understanding of economic theory and institutions can help inform the analysis.

Learning Outcomes: 

Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, students will:


- have a firm grasp of the types of research design that can lead to convincing analysis

-  understand threats to uncovering causal effects from economic data

-  be able to apply a range of micro-econometric tools and interpret results

-  be comfortable working with large scale data sets


Course Requirements

Three homework exercises (20% each)

Final Exam (40%)


Pre-requisites: Advanced Econometrics 2

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