Data Analysis 5: Experiments and causal analysis of interventions

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PhD in Business Administration, MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets, MSc in Business Analytics (full-time), MSc in Finance (full-time), MSc in Finance (part-time)

Timing: Full time: weekday


Decisions in business and policy are often centered on specific interventions, such as changing monetary policy, modifying health care financing, changing the price or other attributes of products, or changing the media mix in marketing. Learning the effects of such interventions is an important purpose of data analysis. The course incorporates the basic concepts and methods used by program evaluation (the framework of potential outcomes, the benefits of randomized assignment, etc.). We will discuss cause and effect in regression analysis, design and analysis of randomized experiments as well as use longitudinal (panel) data to learn.identification from changes. Discussion of internal and external validity will be major importance.  

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