Information Lifecycle Management

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Type: elective

Term: Winter or Spring

Timing: Full time, part time: weekday evening

Business decisions frequently require appropriate supporting information. However, information may be extracted from a variety of entry points, including both internal and external sources and information quality may be questionable or simply unknown. This course discusses information quality issues and necessary support processes to track data pieces and corresponding context from creation to deletion. The course emphasizes ‘the fitness for use’ definition and aims to prepare participants for the most common issues in organizations regarding information handling. The building of ‘one truth’ for decision support purposes is also a key concern in many organizations. Among other topics, information workflows and modeling tools (e.g. Data Flow Diagrams) for organizations will be reviewed. The course discusses the consolidation of information into data warehouses and the necessary processes of extract-transform-load. Topics covered: Information flow, data flow, DFDs. Data structures. Well-structured business data. ILM as policy and process. Data warehousing, OLAP. The extract-transform-load workflow. Data manipulation tools. Text analytics tools. Search. Entity resolution. Data warehousing

Learning Outcomes: