Innovation Seminar Series

Course Description: 

The series of seminars will frame network and data analytics driven innovation in the context of team capabilities and dynamics in business organizations, in respect to the main themes of:

  1. Networks and Data Analytics as a Driver of Innovation
  2. Critical Factors in Start-ups and Emerging Firms
  3. Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship

The purpose is to open academic discussion around the challenges of corporate and institutions facing to respond in a timely manner to the need to converge team dynamics with analytics driven innovation. And how to apply this tacit knowledge on strategic decision making in business practices? Taking the micro and macro stances across organizations.

“Innovation from analytics is surging according to MIT Sloan report[1], the share of companies reporting that they use data and analytics to innovate rose significantly from last year’s survey. Organizations with strong analytics capabilities use those abilities to innovate not only existing operations but also new processes, products, services, and entire business models.

keynote speakers*;  prominent professors and practitioners in the fields of: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Network Analyses, from highly ranked institutions


Keynote Speaker

Department/ University

Time 5:30- 7:00 pm.


Peter Csikos

Huawei Technologies, Germany


From Scouting to Delivery – the Differences of the Innovation Process

Gabor Bekes

CEU Department of Economics and Business


Innovation and Globalization Activities – Evidence from a European Survey of Firms

Magnus Klofsten

Linkoping Univeristy, Sweden 


Critical Factors in Start-ups and Emerging Firms

Laszlo Barabasi

North Eastern University, USA


Network Science and Business Innovation

Robert Guang Tian

Shantou University, China


Innovation on Business Anthropology

Audience: Business Administration and Analytics, Economics, Network Science, and Technology Management Scholars, and invitees from corporate senior managers from Budapest.

Moderators: Davide Torsello (CEU Department of Economics and Business ), Bisan Abdulkader (PhD Student, Business Administration)

The Innovation Seminar Series is open to the public, however as places are limited, guests are requested to register by sending an email to .

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