International Economic Policy Seminars

Course Term: 
1st year
Course Description: 

core for: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets 1st year

The course will be delivered by a handful of internationally well know experts in a given well specified

field of economic policy.

Learning Outcomes: 

The main aim of this course is to give an insight into the most important issues faced by policy makers
nowadays. On the one hand, the course will provide basic knowledge on how and in what form the
fundamental policy questions reveal themselves to the decision makers and what technical problems
need to be addressed when making economic policy decisions. On the other hand, you will get insight
into some of the most pressing economic policy questions and dilemmas, and, also, how different
institutions and countries are dealing with them


Attendance in the lectures is mandatory, only 2 lectures can be missed overall. Attendance
sheets will be taken.
Term paper

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