Managing Brands

Academic Program: 
Course Description: 

Branding is a constantly evolving and fascinating area: building strong brands has always been the Holy Grail of business success. Most areas of business just like the economy change at an unprecedented speed. However, one thing does not change: while finance, HR, even operations are being outsourced, branding will never be.

A powerful, differentiated and relevant brand will always remain the most valuable asset for winning companies.

This course aims to provide students with both the theory and practice of building compelling brands on and offline: it teaches them a much sought after way of ambidextrous (analytical and creative) thinking and introduces them to a practical toolkit of brand building and a wide variety of techniques, such as performing communications audits, conducting client brand workshops and developing a solid online presence.

Learning Outcomes: 

Extensive brand knowledge and unique, ambidextrous (creative AND analytical) way of thinking

  • Key brand elements and what makes a brand strong
  • Crafting a brand strategy (strategic framework)
  • Preparing client and agency briefs
  • Implementation: working with organisations, agencies and customers to build brands
  • Metrics and components of brand equity
  • Going digital and using social media
  • Creating an online strategy  (social creativity, content and data)

Core Learning Area          

Learning Outcome                                            

Interpersonal Communication Skills.         

Students will be able to acquire a unique mix of analytical reasoning and creative thinking and use narrative and storytelling for a more powerful effect.       

Technology Skills               

Students will be able to use social media and websites for business purpose. Presentation writing and giving skills will develop further.

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity                             

Students will learn about how companies from different cultures build their brand and internal culture around the brand.

Quantitative Reasoning 

Students will learn how to quantify the value of brands, and how to use their knowledge from microeconomics and finance to make brand decisions.

Critical Thinking               

Students will be encouraged to use their logical and analytical “right brain” and their artistic and creative “left brain” at the same time. This course offers an extremely powerful transferable skill, as it teaches students a unique way of looking at business issues.


Two basic minute papers                                                                10 points

Creative brief                                                                                     10 points

Group project                                                                                     40 points

Class attendance and participation                                                40 points

Maximum total                                                                                  100 points


As building brands is not just the task of Marketing within an organization, this course builds not just on core Marketing knowledge, but also Strategy, Organisational Behaviour and Finance. Students should ideally have good basic knowledge of these four subjects. Also, this course is useful not just for those who have worked and/or would like to work in Marketing, but the track record shows that students who work in Strategy, Consulting, Management or especially who are entrepreneurs also greatly benefit from it.

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