Microeconomic Theory I.

Course Term: 
1st year
ECTS credits: 
Course Description: 

CORE: for MA Economics 1st year; MANDATORY: for 1st year PhD with no credits earned

Microeconomic Theory I is the first course in the microeconomic theory series for the students enrolled in the MA in economics. The objective of this course is to provide students with standard graduate-level microeconomic tools. Topics that will be analyzed include theory of choice, consumer theory, producer theory, competitive markets, monopoly, general equilibrium, public goods, externalities, elements of social choice.

Learning Outcomes: 

Successful completion of the course enables students to:

• possess a comprehensive knowledge of the building blocks of modern economics

• master the mathematical tools used to formalize economic concepts and ideas

• set up mathematical models describing specific economic problems

• understand the modern microeconomic literature

• perform high-level microeconomic analysis, irrespective of whether they aim to pursue a professional or an academic career


A student’s grade in this course will be a weighted average of his/her performance on the homework assignments and the exams.

The weights are as follows:

• performance on the homework assignments: 20%

• performance on midterm exam: 40%

• performance on final exam: 40%



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