Political Economy of International Money

Course Description: 

This course presents description and analysis of the emergence, evolution and current state of world financial system. We begin with classical introductory papers, and then we follow with historical overview with emphasis on the last two decades when globalization led to dramatic expansion of the world financial system.  In last two decades fast growth of capital flows created strong base for creation of wealth and economic growth in number of countries. However, these flows also contributed to financial crisis in some countries and regions. We discuss different types of financial crisis. 

Learning Outcomes: 

The main goal of this course is to provide students with understanding of evolution of the global finances as well as its current driving forces. Class discussions will be based on selected, mostly policy oriented, papers. Students are also led to formulate their own research question in the topic of their interest


Presence 10%, paper presentation 30%, short outline of final essay 15%, final essay 45%; assessment could change based on the number of students in the course. Final essay on a topic pertaining to the course, with the topic pre-approved by the instructor

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