Private Equity and Venture Capital

Academic Program: 
Course Description: 

One of the key issues for all entrepreneurs is, to secure adequate financing for their ventures. This course will provide a general background of external financing options and the related considerations (terms and conditions), with focus on equity financing.

The course is an interactive joint work to understand the structure and the operation of the Private Equity/Venture Capital (PE/VC) industry, using up-to-date case studies, situation games and joint discussions.

Learning Outcomes: 

Core Learning Area

Learning Outcome

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Participate in class discussions and problem solving exercises. Present arguments and findings. Objectively critique findings of fellow students.

Technology Skills

Individual/group research, using publicly available on-line sources.

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

Harness international and professional diversity of students in viewing issues and problems from different perspectives.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students will learn how to prepare and apply financial models to appraise the value of a venture or better evaluate the market potential of an opportunity. 

Critical Thinking

Exercise the powers of inquiry, logical thinking and critical analysis. Interpret and evaluate theoretical arguments and empirical evidence.

Think and reasoning!

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Evaluate and discuss challenges related to corporate governance, social responsibility and ethical and professional behavior.

Understand for-profit and social enterprise.

Communication Skills

Prepare for investor presentation. Problem oriented and strate forward approach, but be sensitive and reasonable.

Presentation skills – brief, efficient presentation is required. Balance information delivery, conclusion and Q&A.

Management Knowledge and Skills

Attain a broad understanding of management principles and techniques – communication, reporting, motivation, conflict management, risk management, hire- fire decisions. Students will develop skills to prepare and present a financially sound investment presentation to top management and/or investors.


The final grade is based on the overall evaluation of students’ performance. The following components and weights make up the grade:

  • Investor presentation                                                                           20%
  • Project assignment – drafting and negotiation a Term Sheet             60%
  • Class participation (individual)                                                             20%

Students can register this program ONLY, if they are either registered or already completed the Entrepreneurial Finance Course.

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