Strategic Managerial Accounting

Course Description: 

It is vital for corporations to remain competitive in today’s dynamic operating environment. In this course, we will present and analyse a framework for creating a value-based performance management system. The techniques, methodologies, theories and practices behind organisational and customer value creation will be presented in an analytical and critical manner. 

The main aims of the course are to raise participants’ awareness to the best practices and latest developments in performance management accounting and to illustrate real-life uses of the changing nature of accountancy in the organisation. Participants will be provided with an understanding of the strengths and limitations of accounting for performance, considering the behavioral and ethical aspects of management systems. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Financial decision–making encompasses all aspects of an enterprise. Students will learn how to incorporate differing and sometimes contradicting points of view into financial decision-making and will appreciate the usefulness and also the limitations of focusing on the financial aspects of particular situations.

Students will be given the tools of financial analysis and decision-making, but will be expected to use these while taking personal responsibility for decisions. They will be expected to make informed choices and defend their own personal stances when making decisions.

Managerial accounting is fundamental to proper business operations and management. Managerial information systems constitute the basis of managerial decision-making. Students will be expected to understand the usefulness and characteristics of such information systems and will learn how to contribute to system design and operation. Such systems are driven by the strategic needs or organisations and students will learn how to incorporate strategic goals and design performance measures. 


25% class attendance, seminar preparation, problem solving and class participation

75% assignment preparation

Grading is based on the total score in line with standard grading patterns at CEU.

The assignment guidelines are as follows:

The assignment may be done individually or in small groups of up to 4 people. In the latter case, please note that all group members will be give the same grade.

Two options are given for the class:

-       written essay – style paper

-       presentation of a given case study