Topics in Law and Economics

Course Description: 

The main objective of the course is to expose students to selected topics at the current research frontier of Law and Economics. A secondary aim of the course is to illustrate how economics can be used to shed light on a variety of normative and positive questions
about legal institutions and the law.

Learning Outcomes: 

Successful completion of the course enables students to:

  •  Summarize and critically evaluate ideas on the topic covered in the course.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of selected models employed in Law and Economics. 
  • Build on existing research to develop own research ideas.

Grading will be based on reviews of assigned papers (40%), student presentation of an assigned paper from the reading list (40%) and class participation (20%). The final exam will be of a take- home format. Detailed information on student presentations of assigned papers and the nal exam will be given in class.


Students should be familiar with basic concepts of microeconomics on the level of Microeconomic Theory I and II courses.