Transnational Business Context

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Course Description: 

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of global political economy – an understanding of how
the international system operates and how it impacts and is impacted by a range of actors: multinational
enterprises, states, international organizations and other non-state actors. The course includes three
major aspects: 1) the institutional framework and policy management of global economic relations, 2)
country analysis and risk assessment, 3) the operational and organizational concerns of the multinational

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Through an understanding of different perspectives on how the global political economy is
structured, analyze the global business environment of a firm (identifying the key problems,
drawing up and assessing strategic alternatives and making recommendations as to company
2. Critically assess both the causes and public policy and business strategy consequences of global
interdependence through contemporary issues in the world political economy
3. A capacity to consider how business decision-making is impacted through multiple perspectives.


Individual in-class participation: 20% of final grade
Individual take-home assignment: 40% of final grade
Team-based assignment: 40% of final grade


Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (EMBA)

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