CEU Economics is #8 in Europe based on research excellence

January 10, 2014

CEU ranks 8th among European economics departments and business schools in the number of European Research Council grants held by faculty. The four ERC Starting Grant hosted in the Department establish CEU as a cluster of research excellence.


Below is a ranking of European economics departments, business schools and research institutes based on the number of ERC grants within the SH1 panel (“Individuals, institutions, and markets”) held by current permanent faculty.



1. University College London (11 grants)

2-3. Università Bocconi (10)

2-3. Toulouse School of Economics (10)

4. London Business School (7)

5-6. London School of Economics (6)

5-6. CREI (6)

7. University of Zurich (5)

8-10. Central European University (4)

8-10. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (4)

8-10. Bonn (4)



 Even more importantly to our students, access to this research is made easier by our low student-faculty ratio.