Master of Science in Technology Management and Innovation

Turn technology into business advantage.

The MSc in Technology Management and Innovation program provides a bridge between IT and business. The program is unique in Central and Eastern Europe and special in that it helps those with technical backgrounds as well as those with broader experience prepare for technology-related leadership positions.

The program is designed mainly for managers or prospective managers who need to develop business, finance and leadership skills for advancement or entrepreneurship in tech-related positions and fields. The program is interactive and hands-on and delivered by industry experts as well as academic faculty members.

As a student in this program, you can expect to develop a holistic perspective of technology and business and learn how to:

  • Identify an organization’s business needs and how to align a technology strategy to meet those needs
  • Make business cases that evaluate and justify technology investments
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Motivate and manage teams
  • Recognize technology trends that can benefit your organization' s competitive position
  • Communicate effectively with business leaders about technology

The MSc in Technology Management and Innovation Program is accredited in the U.S. It is key to a broader range of skills and career possibilities for technology professionals.

Who should apply?

CEU’s MSc in Technology Management and Innovation Program is a professional degree aimed on developing management skills through interactive learning methods. We are thus looking for candidates who:

  • Apply the highest professional standards to their individual and team work;
  • Are eager to share their insights and experiences with their fellow students to maximize the learning outcome of each and every class; and
  • Have leadership potential beyond the classroom.

Program Head: Prof. Achilles Georgiu (room: tba)

Program Administrator: Ms. Eszter Fuchs (room: N13 414, Contact person by email)


Title Instructor Credit
Accounting (full-time) Laura Ipacs 2.0
Accounting (part-time) Laura Ipacs 2.0
Agile Project Management István Ottó Nagy 2.0
Banking IT and Fintech: Bank to the Future Szabolcs Szalay 2.0
Behavioral Finance Laura Ipacs 2.0
Best Practices in IT Service Management Achilles Georgiu 2.0
Boardroom Global Challenge Tibor Voros 2.0
Business Economics Marc Kaufmann 2.0
Consultative Selling and Negotiations Achilles Georgiu 1.5
Dev. a New Venture with CEU Inno. Lab Gyorgy Bogel 3.0
Developing a New Venture with CEU Innovations Lab Gyorgy Bőgel
Gabor Baranyai
Digital Marketing 1 Tibor Farkas 2.0
Digital Strategy Zsolt Szeleczki 2.0
Digital Transformation Achilles Georgiu 2.0
e-Leadership Zoltan Buzady 2.0
Ethical Leaders and Intergity Davide Torsello 2.0
Ethics of Big Data Chrys Margaritidis 2.0
Finance (full-time) Peter Szilagyi 2.0
Finance (part-time for MSc Finance) Peter Szilagyi 2.0
Finance and Strategy Mark Walton 2.0
Financial Trading Design and Technology Ferenc Meszaros 1.0
Information Lifecycle Management Tibor Voros 2.0
Innovation Imperative Achilles Georgiu 1.5
Intellectual Property Law and Management Caterina Sganga 2.0
IoT - Industry 4.0 Tamas Boday 2.0
Just Data Miklós Koren, Department of Economics and Business
Arieda Muço, Department of Economics and Business
Chrys Margaritidis, Dean of Students
Roberta Sinatra, Department of Mathematics and Its Applications
Karoly Boroczky, Department of Mathematics and Its Applications
Jozsef Martin, Transparency International Hungary
Achilles Georgiu, Department of Economics and Business
Maximizing Your Future Anna Kaposvári 1.0
Organizational Behavior and HR Management Olaf Zylicz 2.0
Regulatory and Policy Environment Maciej Kisilowski 2.0
Security and Data Protection Peter Papp 1.0
Technology Based Entrepreneurship Pál Danyi 2.0
Technology Innovation (Cognitive and Smart Systems) Norbert Sepp 2.0
Technology, Innovation and the Law Caterina Sganga 2.0