Meetups, Workshops, Conferences

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Date and time


Panel Data Conference 2015

June 28-30, 2015CEU Budapest

Economic History Workshop

January, 2015CEU Budapest

Budgetary Benefits to Roma Education

May 9, 2014CEU Budapest

Tax design in middle income countries: Lessons from the Mirrlees review

March 7, 2014CEU Budapest

Magyar Közgazdaságtudományi Egyesület (MKE) 2013. annual conference

19-20 December, 2013CEU Budapest

Review of Economic Studies Meeting

16-17 May, 2013CEU Budapest

The 13th Annual Global Development Conference 

16-18 June, 2012

CEU Budapest

Workshop on "The Social Dimension of Organizations"

27-28 April, 2012CEU Budapest

SHARE - WAVE 5 Meeting

28-30 November, 2011

CEU Budapest

INET Conference: Toward an Alternative Macroeconomic Theory

6-8 September, 2010

CEU Budapest

Workshop on Wages and Firms. New Research Using Linked Employer-Employee Datasets

14-15 May, 2009

CEU Budapest

7th Meeting of the Microdata Methods and Practice EU  Research Training Network

15 - 18 December, 2008CEU Budapest
22nd Annual Congress of the European Economic Association AND 62nd Meeting of the Econometric Society27-31 August, 2007CEU Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest


'SUMMER AT CEU' WORKSHOP: 'Microeconomic Pricing in an Open Economy'


25 – 26 August, 2007


CEU Budapest

Society for Economic Dynamics Conference2006CEU Budapest


Workshop on 'Comparative Institutional Economics'




CEU Budapest

'SUMMER AT CEU' WORKSHOP: 'Globalizatioan and Real Convergence'June 12 - 13, 2004CEU Budapest


Workshop on 'Microeconomic Pricing and the Macroeconomy'


October 11-12, 2003


CEU Budapest

CEU – ERRA SUMMER SCHOOL: International Training program on Energy Regulatory Practises

21-25 July, 2003

CEU Budapest Conference Centre

Budapest Workshop on Behavioral Economics2003CEU Budapest

CEPR/WDI Annual International Conference on Transition Economics

3-5 July 2003The Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
'Summer at CEU' Workshop: 'Productivity and Reallocation'

June 14 - 15, 2003

CEU Budapest
'SUMMER AT CEU' WORKSHOP: 'New Directions in Macroeconomics'

June 15 - 16, 2002

CEU Budapest