Overview of the Katalyst Executive MBA program

The core required courses in our Katalyst EMBA program provide a needed foundation for expanding your management knowledge. Electives allow you to deepen your existing and chosen expertise.

48 completed credits are required for the Katalyst EMBA degree program, but you can take free of extra tuition charge a maximum of 10% "extra" credits over and above those required for your degree. Core and Elective credits listed below are the most recent set of exemplary courses of the EMBA program, and may change based on improved curriculum, student preferences, enrollment, and other factors. 

Katalyst EMBA Core Courses — 36 required.  Required courses that we consider essential to our MBA program. They follow international standards and integrate acquired knowledge and skills.

Katalyst EMBA Key Electives — 12 required.  Elective courses focus mainly on topics emerging in importance in which we have outstanding faculty members. You can choose from a selection of key electives. Certain key elective credits can be taken in the area of your choice.