Davide Torsello

Head of PhD in Business Administration Program

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Davide Torsello was trained in socio-cultural anthropology at academic institutions of different countries (Italy, Japan, UK, Germany, Hungary), and the variety of their theoretical and methodological perspectives exerted an everlasting influence on his scientific profile. Through over ten years of ethnographic fieldwork research experience mostly in Central Eastern Europe, in Italy and Japan, he developed sensitivity for investigating trust, corruption, informal economy, interpersonal and power relations, performance of government institutions and organizations and has been able to construct case studies based on the use of different research methodologies. He has extensive teaching experience at BA, MA, and PhD level. Professor at the University of Bergamo, he taught also  at: University of Milan Bicocca, University of Roma Tre, Charles University in Prague, Comenius University Bratislava, American University of Richmond, UK and at  University of Hirosaki, Japan.

Main Publications:

The New Environmentalism? Corruption and Civil Society in the Enlarged EU. UK/Ashgate;

Potere, legittimazione e corruzione. Introduzione all’antropologia politica (Power, legitimacy and corruption. Introduction to political anthropology, Mondadori, 2009);

Dono, scambio e favore. Introduzione all’antropologia economica (Gift, favor and exchange. Introduction to economic anthropology. Mondadori, 2007).

Trust, Property and Social Change in a Postsocialist Slovakian Village. Lit Verlag, 2003.

Social Networks in movement. Time, Interaction and Interethnic Spaces in Central Eastern Europe (co-edited with M. Pappova, Lilium Aurum, 2003).

journal articles

2012      ‘Environmental activism, corruption and local responses to the EU enlargement: case studies from Eastern and Western Europe’. Urbanities 1(1): 54-59.

2012      ‘The “revival” of civil society in Central Eastern Europe. New environmental and political movements’. Human Affairs 22 (2): 178-195.

2010    ‘Corruption and the Economic Crisis: Empirical Indications from Eastern Europe’. Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs19(2): 65-75.

2010  ‘Civil society and environmental activism in one EU-funded transport development

project in Slovakia.’ Eastern European Countryside 16: 25-43.

working paper

2011    ‘The ethnographic study of corruption: research themes in political anthropology’. Working Paper 2011:2, Quality of Government Institute, Faculty of Political Science, University of Gothenburg.

  encyclopedia entries

2012 ' EU regulation'. Sage Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste. New York, Sage Reference.

2012 'Slovakia'. Sage Encyclopedia of Social Networks. New York, Sage Reference.



PhD, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany
MSc, Social Anthropology, London School of Economics
MA, Cultural Anthropology, Hirosaki University, Japan
BA, Japanese Studies, Oriental University Institute, Napoli

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