Katalyst Executive MBA - Not offered in 2018/2019

The Katalyst Executive MBA combines a rigorous set of core courses that you would expect from an MBA program, providing you with the knowledge and skills in key functional areas such as finance, marketing, operations management and organizational behavior.

The program provides practical experience through hands-on courses, which simulate difficult business scenarios and pair you with companies for which you will propose solutions to real business problems.

You can choose to focus on a subject area such as business & sustainability, entrepreneurship, finance, or marketing. You may select optional courses with our MS in Business Analytics, MS in Finance, and MS in Technology Management and Innovation programs. 

Our location in Europe’s crossroads city of Budapest and class schedule allows students to more easily commute from other countries, making the Katalyst Executive MBA more diverse than typical executive programs.

The international makeup of the Katalyst Executive MBA student body mirrors the globalized business world you will be prepared to help shape and thrive in. In this unique learning environment you will develop an appreciation for the diversity of thought and opinion you will face in leadership roles throughout your career.

The Department of Economics and Business does not offer the Katalyst Executive MBA program in 2018/19.