July 16, 2014

We recently spoke with Misikir Bekele, István Kürtösi and Nizar Odeh, graduates of the MSc in IT Management program.

Misikir is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he worked as an IT Consultant in the tourism and hospitality industry, István Kürtösi is the Managing Director of Compactive Ltd., which is a web developer company based in Budapest, and Nizar Odeh is a former IT Specialist who worked for the IT Infrastructure Management department at Arab Bank PLC in his home country Jordan.

Did you decide to do the MSc in IT Management? What were the key elements for you to choose CEU Business School?

The main reason was to have a paradigm shift of skill, from a technical to a managerial point of view in my IT understanding,” Misikir said.

For István, the deciding factor was “I wanted to develop my knowledge of IT Management from a professional/academic point of view to make it solid and well structured. I preferred an international school where I could also benefit from a global perspective owing to the professors, distributed materials as well as my classmates.”

Nizar’s reasons were a little different: “As the years were passing by I realized that there is a need for IT personnel to have – at least – a basic knowledge about the business field. I started looking for a program that combines business with IT – an MBA with an IT flavor maybe? It was then that I discovered the MSc in IT Management program at CEU Business School.”

What have you gained from the program?

I gained a monetary understanding of IT processes and procedures that I was not used to considering,” Misikir answered. “I also gained some leadership skills and understood the power of networking, and how to benefit from it in the 21st century when our world has become so small.

I have learned management concepts and the focus points of IT management,” István observed. “Because of this program, I now have a good perception of myself and can now position myself compared to my peers. I also discovered how much my knowledge is worth in the global market.

Nizar reflected on the soft skills he took away from the program: “I find myself more professional when talking to different individuals from various industries and roles. I am really grateful that with this knowledge I have made many contacts in this region.”

How demanding is/was the program for you? How do you handle your work, study and private life? How much time do you have to dedicate to studying?

“The program was what I would call intense, especially in the first trimester,” Misikir opined. His sentiment was shared by István: “The first trimester was the most demanding, as the knowledge we gained during this period was the prerequisite for the tasks we worked on in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. In general, it required about 30 net hours a week.”

Nizar stated that it depended on how much time a person could devote to the program: 
“Whenever I am asked about the density of the program, I always mention that it is more on the light side for fully dedicated students and more on the heavy side for the full-time employees.”  

How did CEU help you in your career development? What are your expectations after graduation?

For Misikir, the program led to a change in professional direction: “CEU gave me exposure with its brilliant name/fame in the region. It helped me fully capitalize on that in addition to the skills I acquired during my study. It also shifted interest in my career. I had had a long-term dream of becoming a CEO of my own startup / CIO of a well-known company in the next 5 years. Now I am an Operations Manager at a joint project between my company InfomatiX Ltd. and P&G.

István felt that the program gave him a firmer grasp of the required business concepts: “CEU helped us with career development programs and by providing the necessary and relevant knowledge as part of the coursework. We developed a good understanding of company structures through the guest speakers. My expectation was to expand my knowledge in IT Management, and the institution provided the right tools for this.” 

As for Nizar, the program opened a new world of possibilities: “I believe this degree has expanded my employability. I can apply for IT, IT-Business and even Business roles now. It is quite impressive how popular these roles currently are in this region. Thank you CEU Business School!”