Why CEU?

Why should I apply to CEU Economics and Business?

  • Study at an American university in Budapest and get a US degree.
  • Many of our students receive a tuition waiver or even get a fellowship and free housing.
  • Learn from world-class faculty with PhDs from, e.g., Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Michigan who have previously taught and worked at e.g. Berkeley, Oxford, Princeton, Boston, Yale, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Texas at Austin.
  • Get exposed to cutting-edge research in economics, policy and business.
  • Build your own global network at one of the most international universities.
  • Small and interactive classes with accessible professors
  • Modern facilities at our Nador street building
  • Learn how to implement theory in practice from a faculty with leadership experience in government and international institutions.
  • Get a job with top employers, e.g., Morgan Stanley, Citi, IMF, EBRD, World Bank, PwC, Procter & Gamble, GE, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, European Central Bank.
  • Continue your studies in a PhD program at, e.g., Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Berkeley, LSE, Duke, or with us at CEU.
  • CEU is both academically and financially strong and all students enrolling in September 2018 will be able to finish their studies and get their degrees as has been so the past two and a half decades. (How Current Legislative Changes Affect Future CEU Students - click here)

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