How do I apply to CEU?

Please see the general CEU admission guidelines for admission deadlines and procedure.

NEW from AY 2015/2016 Master of Science in Business Analytics

A new, fee-paying program launched in September, 2015. Please click HERE for application details.

NEW from AY 2016/2017 Master of Arts in Global Economic Relations

This is a fee-paying program launched in September 2016, joint with International Relations Department. For more information please click HERE.

What else do I need to apply to an Economics program?

MA programs (Economics and Economic Policy in Global Markets)

• You must possess a BA degree (or higher) or be enrolled in the last year of your university studies. Successful applicants come from a variety of vocational and educational backgrounds; a previous degree in Economics is not required. If your background is not in Economics, you will have to complete additional credits in Economics subjects if you wish to receive a Hungarian Master degree. 

• If you are applying to M.A. in Economics, you must pass an examination in Mathematics, as well.  The online Mathematics exam aims to test candidates on basic calculus, probability theory and linear algebra and is organized by CEU. You can also submit a general GRE score instead.

• There is no mathematics admission or GRE test for M.A. in Economic Policy in Global Markets.

• Submit a 500-word essay (motivational letter) introducing your research topic and explaining your academic/professional background. Indicate how further studies at CEU would help you achieve your future career goals.

PhD program

• Successful applicants are expected to hold an MA in Economics or in related fields (i.e. Mathematics, Statistics, etc) or equivalent degrees with a GPA of 3.33 or higher.

• Submit GRE test scores together with your application.

• We will also examine your transcript to gauge your mathematics proficiency, familiarity with relevant economic theory and with research methodology. Please submit relevant graduate and undergraduate transcripts. For further information regarding academic records, please visit

 • Submit a 500-word research proposal/motivation letter (If you are interested in the Network Science Field, please indicate it in your proposal)

• Submit 3 letters of recommendation

Financial Aid

Applicants to Economics MA  and Economic Policy in Global Markets MA programs at the Department of Economics are eligible for CEU Master's Tuition Award and CEU Master's Excellence Scholarship /  CEU Master's Scholarship.

CEU Master's Excellence Scholarship /  CEU Master's Scholarship include tuition waiver, monthly stpend, and different dormitory packages (single/shared room, or no room in dorm).

CEU Master's Tuition Award waives 50 to 100% of the tuition fee.

PhD students all receive a full tuition waiver and a competitive stipend.

Regarding Tuition and Fees please click here.

For further information on Financial Aid please click here.