Jaroslaw Neneman (MA Econ 1992): Lecturer at Lazarski University and Advisor to the President of Poland

April 8, 2015

I had a pleasure of being one of the first students to attend the CEU which was located in Prague at that time. Having graduated from University of Łódź  with MA in Economics, I went to Prague to deepen my economic knowledge.

One has to recognize that in early 90s, the chance of going to study abroad was particularly rare, hence the opportunity to study at the CEU was very exciting from the start. Students from all over Europe and highly qualified foreign staff created a truly international learning experience - something very unique in this part of Europe at this time. The content of the course was also dramatically superior to what I experienced studying in Poland during communist times.

After Prague I continued my academic career at the University of Lodz where I later earned a PhD. In the middle of the last decade I was appointed a Deputy Minister of Finance, responsible for taxation.