The launch of the new Department of Economics and Business

April 19, 2017

CEU is pleased to announce the launch of the new Department of Economics and Business on August 1, 2017. The new department will combine the strengths of the Department of Economics and CEU Business School. The new department will offer innovative, mission-relevant, and research-led economics, business, finance, and management education. Our goal is to provide capable professionals, especially from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, with technical skills and strategic insight.

The Department will pursue research in these fields, publishing in leading journals, attracting research funding and engaging in interdisciplinary projects. The Department will aim to further improve its standing in international rankings. These goals are served by research-intensive Master’s and PhD programs as well as fee-paying professional and certificate programs.

The following degree programs will continue in the new department: PhD in Economics, PhD in Business Administration, MA in Economics, MA in Economics Policy and Global Markets, MSc in Finance, MA in Global Economic Relations, MSc in Business Analytics, and MSc in Technology Management and Innovation. The following degree programs will be discontinued after the graduation of the current cohort of students: Accelerated One-Year MBA, Katalyst Executive MBA.

The new Department also aims to develop additional innovative and research-intensive degree and certificate programs.