Graduation 2017

June 27, 2017

We are very happy to congratulate the 48 students who graduated from the Department of Economics this year, in the Programs MA in Economics, MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets, and MSc in Business Analytics a program ran jointly with Business School. In addition to the MA Diplomas we are extremely proud of our 9 PhD Students who defended their Doctoral Theses and graduated this year: Anna Adamecz (Advisor: Gábor Kézdi), László Balázsi (Advisor: László Mátyás), Márta Bisztray (Advisor: Ádám Szeidl), Pawel Bukowski (Advisors: Gábor Kézdi and John Earle), Calin Vlad Demian (Advisor: Miklós Koren), Miklós Farkas (Advisors: Péter Kondor and Ádám Zawadowski), Bálint Menyhért (Advisor: Miklós Koren),Vladimir Mikhailov (Advisor: Ádám Szeidl) and Balázs Reizer (Advisors: Gábor Kézdi and István Kónya).

A special round of applause goes to the recipients of the Departmental Outstanding Dissertation Award: Abuzar Ali, Bence Szabó from the MA in Economics Program and Márk Antal from the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets.

Bence also received the Outstanding Achievement Awards from CEU along with Daniel Molnár from the MA in Economics Program, Ivana Durovic from the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets Program and Luca Keresztesi from the MSc Business Analytics Program.

Congratulations to all!