CEU Leading University in Hungary by ERC Grants

July 16, 2019

European Research Council (ERC) research[1] grants are the premier research funding vehicle in Europe and are of the highest prestige as the selection process is extremely competitive and is based strictly on quality. On average only about 12% of the applications are successful and receive funding.

In Hungary so far since ERC’s launch in 2007, overall 71 applications received funding.[2] Out of these 31 from 10 different institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), and 36 from 7 Hungarian universities. CEU is by far the most successful university with 17 different ERC grants awarded. Seven have been hosted by the Cognitive Sciences Department, among them a Synergy Grant with the University of St. Andrews, six by the Economics and Business Department, one by the Medieval Studies Department, the History Department, and a Synergy grant by the Network Sciences Department jointly with the Renyi Institute (HAS) and Charles University in Prague. This means that overall 24% of the grants awarded to Hungarian institutions and 47% of the grants awarded to Hungarian universities has been received by our CEU colleagues!