Adam Szeidl Named Fellow of the Econometric Society

September 29, 2020

The Econometric Society has announced the election of 46 new Fellows of the Econometric Society.

The new electees include Professor Adam Szeidl, an applied microeconomist who has done research on the economics of networks, international trade, behavioral economics and consumption. Professor Szeidl has published extensively in Quarterly Journal of Economics, American Economic Review, Econometrica and Journal of Finance, among other journals.

The Econometric Society is an international society of academic economists devoted to the advancement of economics by using mathematical and statistical methods. As of 2019, there were about 700 elected fellows. New fellows are elected each year by the current fellows.

The Econometric Society's 2020 Fellows Nominating Committee included Liran Einav (Chair), Daron Acemoglu, Martin Cripps, Gabrielle Demange, Ignacio Lobato, Rosa Matzkin, and Hélène Rey.

The full list of the Econometric Society's 2020 Fellows is available here.