Máté Szalkai-Szabó | MS Fin 20 | Quant Risk Manager, UNIQA, Hungary

October 22, 2020

"I chose the MS in Finance at CEU because I was looking for a university that could provide a solid knowledge of both finance and data analytics. Prior to CEU I worked as an actuarial analyst at a consultancy for 12 years. This was an exciting position where my main focus was on complex liability modelling. But, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and build expertise in finance. I also wanted to learn more about the most recent technological advances, especially the rapid deployment of data science and machine learning techniques.

At CEU I was impressed by the high-quality teaching and the wide range of courses, which enabled me to take highly quantitative courses such as Data Analysis with R & VBA, Machine Learning in R, Python for Finance, SQL for Finance, Text Analysis and Data Visualization using Tableau, R and Python. For my Capstone project I chose market risk modelling which helped me to put my newly acquired theoretical knowledge and technical skills into practice.

My academic year was special in the wake of the COVID pandemic. When the lockdown measurements were introduced, CEU reacted quickly and made a smooth transition to online teaching. Although we missed the unique campus atmosphere at CEU, the web-based live video education fully met our expectations. Many of the lectures were recorded, the exams were well-organized, and we received all the necessary information from faculty. Overall the new special situation did not impact the teaching quality, and we could get the most out of our studies.

In my opinion, the cutting-edge curriculum of CEU’s MS in Finance will equip you with all the tools and competencies necessary to successfully tackle the exciting challenges of both finance and data science. This program can help you boost your career, or take on a new role in finance, risk management or advisory."