Novartis Datathon: CEU Business Analytics Team Win out of 150 Participants

December 2, 2020

Congratulations to the CEU MS in Business Analytics team on winning the 3rd international Novartis Datathon Challenge.

Students Zsombor Hegedűs, Kata Süle and Dávid Utassy teamed up with alumnus Dániel Szokolics to beat more than 150 participants, just two months into their CEU studies.

Our other team comprising MS in Business Analytics alumni Dániel Molnár, Benedek Pásztor and Bence Tóth also performed well. Last year, the same team finished second in the global I-COM Data Science Hackathon.

The 3rd international Novartis Datathon Challenge hosted data scientists expert in data visualization and prediction problems to solve a Big Data challenge focused on predictive analysis and AI, applied to forecasting and resource allocation in a large company in the pharmaceutical sector.

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