Kristóf Mészáros | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 5, 2021
"I studied applied economics for my BSc and felt that finance as my master's would be a huge opportunity for me to mix the two closely related fields.
I chose CEU because of its ranking, reputation, location, American accreditation, and its American teaching methods. I believe that choosing CEU as your place of study can only be a good decision. The alumni network and the strong bonds that can be made with other students will surely benefit anyone willing to capitalize on them.
CEU offers connections to firms even at the beginning of applications. They support us throughout our education with personal connections in said firms, and with advisory sessions where we can ask questions from CEU's career advisors.
I've started working at Morgan Stanley as an intern and at the CEU InnovationsLab at the same time. I can further develop my technical skills in the former and gain new skills and experiences in the latter. At the iLab we support startups to develop, and there are more than enough opportunities for everyone to help out if they wish to."