Gergely Szlobodnyik | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 15, 2021

"At the end of my PhD studies in Computer Science I decided to extend my knowledge with financial and economic skills. My motivation was two-fold. On one hand, I was interested in quantitative finance as I have seen several applications of my previous research in finance. On the other, I was motivated to gain the practical knowledge required to launch my own FinTech startup adventure.

The structure and courses of the MS in Finance have made it the most attractive program for me. Beyond the typical academic-style courses, we gain real-world knowledge in a very compact and effective way. It is rare in university-level education that the same course gives students both high-level academic knowledge and practical insights. Most importantly, we have the opportunity to take courses at the intersection of finance and technology.

Beyond learning, the strong community at CEU has spurred me to develop my startup. I have had the chance to work in a team of valuable members from marketing to financial domain experts.

This combination of high academic quality and professional support from the community network has made my stay at CEU a valuable adventure."