Agnes Cecilia Reyes | Philippines | MS Fin 21

January 16, 2021

"Prior to enrolling at CEU, I had a little more than two years of work experience in the insurance industry, and discrepancies were becoming mere red Excel cells to be zeroed out. I have been wanting to broaden my experience in the financial services sector. Less than halfway through the MS in Finance, the courses are already exposing me to different facets of the field, connecting theory and practice, and on a more personal level, undoing my fear of coding. It is a great privilege to learn from highly talented professors and to be in a nurturing environment. As clichéd as it may sound, it is as fulfilling as it is challenging.

I have also been wanting to move my career abroad. The MS in Finance has opened even bigger doors than the ones I dared to dream existed. The program takes care of its students not only academically but also professionally, from sprucing up my CV to preparing me for interviews. I did not even have to pause my career, I have been working part-time in a global company since the program started. With the skills CEU equips you with as well as the international community it provides, I feel quite certain my career prospects will finally thrive."