Ann May Gonzaga | Philippines | MS Fin 21

January 16, 2021

"I have an undergraduate in mathematics and have been working in actuarial liability modeling. I am pursuing the MS in Finance at CEU because I want to see the inner workings on and business decisions for both sides of the balance sheet. Even with just the Fall term done, I can already say that I have learned a lot about the fundamentals and how they apply to the real world. My background thus far has either been purely theoretical or purely practical, but the classes at CEU make sure to incorporate both. They are really designed to help us see the bigger picture and to prepare us to be industry experts.

My practical reason for choosing CEU was to move my career abroad. Fortunately, with the help of CEU’s reputation I landed a job in Budapest even before the term started. Also, due to the vast and varied alumni network, I know I am in good hands whether I decide to stay here or move my career elsewhere."