Anthony Njeru | Kenya | MS Fin 21

January 16, 2021

"I am certainly aware that our background should not be a hindrance to scaling the heights of prestigious higher learning. My journey to CEU has been a remarkable one. Having gained substantial professional experience in audit and credit management, I felt I needed to complement my expertise with emerging financial technology and data analytics. And CEU has helped me do just that. As a high-ranked school, CEU has not only offered me a generous scholarship but also exposed me to top-level American-accredited training and connected me with a diverse group of classmates and a global alumni network.

I appreciate the reality of bringing the corporate boardroom into a classroom setting and equipping us with practical analytical skills relevant in today’s financial environment. I recognize the faculty’s effort to go beyond classroom training to organize career workshops with top-tier global financial institutions.

CEU has been supportive and worthwhile".