Fasih Atif | Pakistan | MS BA 21

January 18, 2021

"I completed my undergraduate in marketing, which lacked in technical courses for a data-driven world. I had some prior experience in programming but it wasn’t anything advanced. I spent a year working as a business analyst at a Fortune 500 company in Pakistan, and it became apparent that I needed a strong technical skillset so I could automate and streamline redundant workflows. After working on a few analytics projects, I decided to pursue a master's degree and the MS Business Analytics program at CEU stood out the most! I am also grateful to CEU for offering me a scholarship, which enabled me to pursue this amazing proram.

The MS Business Analytics is suitable for students with all kind of backgrounds. There is no prior programming experience required, so it is a good path to take if you are really looking to switch from a non-technical field to a technical one. The program has the whole curriculum detailed on the website, which has helped me to understand what types of courses and skills I would be learning. We also get to partner with a company for the capstone project, which should be an amazing learning experience.

It has been four months into the program, and I have already learned a lot. The faculty has deep research experience and industry expertise, so I know that we are being taught the latest concepts and methodologies. My experience from the time of admission to my first day and till this moment has been extremely good. The university caters to all your questions and concerns, and makes sure that we are not facing any problems. Even during the admission process, when we were in the midst of the first wave of the COVID pandemic and there was a whole lot of uncertainty regarding the academic year and student visas, CEU regularly held webinars to keep us up-to-date on all things. It goes to show how much CEU values its students.

The CEU Career Services team is very efficient, hardworking, and has played a pivotal role in ensuring that CEU students stand out in the job market. They guided me to such an extent that I was getting internship interview offers before the start of my studies. With their guidance and training, I was able to secure an Internship at BlackRock even during the tough COVID times. So, if you come to CEU, keep in touch with them!
CEU has a well-established Alumni Relations Office, and there are alumni groups all over the world. So, I rest assured that wherever I would go in the world, I would always have a supportive community that I can reach out to for any kind of help and guidance.

I will definitely encourage you all to apply to CEU for one of a kind experience. See you at CEU!"