Abhishek Kumar | India | MS Fin 21

January 20, 2021

"I am a software engineer with a decade of international experience in data engineering and business intelligence. I mostly worked for banking clients, and it was from here that I got curious about understanding the financial data I was working on. My motivation was to get into a FinTech role and could not think of a better place than CEU in this part of Europe. The course modules for the MS in Finance looked very appealing and intense to me, as did the international community of students and faculty that offers a great possibility for sharing of ideas.

My experience with CEU faculty has been great, with many working in the same fields that they teach. This gives them a broad and realistic understanding to draw on when explaining real-life examples, and a true vision of the realities of the business world. Life with my classmates has been very positive as well. We come from many different countries, which has enriched the group dynamic. University support goes well beyond academics, and thanks to their career services I quickly landed an internship."