Áron Gebe | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 20, 2021

"My background is in international relations, which I chose to study since I have always been interested in the complexity and interconnectedness of governments, international organizations, and NGOs. During my time at the Political Science faculty of Leiden University, I developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and investing. Therefore, I thought it would be best to pursue a master's degree in finance, entrepreneurship or management. When selecting my program, I certainly had a high standard. CEU stood out from the top universities thanks to its faculty, wide range of courses from programming to branding strategies, and alumni network.
Since joining the program, CEU has taught me the importance of high-quality human capital networks. Through the assistance of my peers, faculty and alumni members, I have learnt to seize every opportunity I can in order to make myself future-proof, be it a programming bootcamp, or a copywriting course.

The university ecosystem not only helps me in my academic studies, but also provides active and tailor-made assistance for my future aspirations. They offer career consulting, interview prep, and a motivating community.

Being interested in entrepreneurship and startups, the CEU InnovationsLab provides a great platform to further develop and explore my ideas. I hope in the future I can rely on the alumni and talent of the startup incubator. It gives me great confidence that in the future I will always be able to come back for inspiration.
All in all, CEU in my eyes is more than a graduate school: it's a lifelong alumni and support network that encourages lifelong learning."