Zsombor Hegedüs | Hungary | MS BA 21

January 23, 2021

"After completing my bachelor’s I tried my luck working full-time, not knowing whether I would return to academia or not. As years went by I got more and more certain that I would stay in the job market until a colleague of mine told me about the MS in Business Analytics that he had just graduated from. I was sold on the spot, and it completely changed the game for me.

Since I started, I have learnt a great deal of statistics, coding and data science concepts from leading industry experts, who convey the often complex materials in a clear and comprehensive manner. The classes are interesting and inspiring, while also promoting active participation. This has given me abundant motivation, so much so that not only am I dedicated to my studies while still working part-time, but I have also conjured up enough courage to enter my first Datathon - which was a resounding success.

My study experience has been very smooth, which could not be so without the constant and endless support of CEU faculty - an astonishing achievement given the adverse circumstances caused by COVID-19. I feel that CEU has already given me strong foundations that I can leverage in my data journey, and I haven’t even reached the half-time mark yet."