Exchanges with Partner Business Schools

Boost Your Profile with an Exchange

Top up your studies with an exchange trip to a partner business school. Exchanges are tuition-free. You may take one course, join a week-long intensive summer program, or go for an entire semester.

Your choice of partner school may be guided by career objectives, location, and length and availability of courses:

  • Specialize further in your area, or broaden your skills in other areas
  • Take management and leadership courses on partner MBA programs
  • Enhance your CV and grow your professional and alumni network
  • Move your career to another country, or simply immerse yourself in a new culture.

Top Partner Schools on Four Continents

We have bilateral agreements with the following business schools:

We have university-wide exchange agreements with several schools, e.g.:

Exchanges may be possible with some of our CIVICA partners, e.g.:

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Denmark | Exchange at IPADE

"My decision to do an intense MBA trimester focusing on leadership and management capabilities proved to be excellent. The level was very high, and I got in-depth knowledge of today’s requirements from a manager or leader within an organization. The possibility of exploring Mexico first-hand added another positive dimension to the entire experience.”

Slovakia | Exchange at SJTU

"Because of my job I was not ready to commit to spending an extra semester abroad. Attending the Antai Global Summer Program at SJTU was a perfect choice – a 3-week intensive summer school, packed with China-focused business education, local company visits, sight-seeing and cultural activities. I can very much recommend it to busy professionals."

Pakistan | Exchange at ESSEC

"Being an exchange student at ESSEC meant being part of the 140 student exchange community for that intake. I took the course Strategy and Management, which was a great value addition to what I had learned at CEU for my course Developing Digital Organizations, and also allowed me to make quality contributions to class discussions. I also really enjoyed access to the ESSEC K-lab.”

Armenia | Exchange at NYU Stern

"The exchange semester at NYU Stern was a unique opportunity to study at a top U.S. school. It helped me broaden my network, narrow my concentration given the wide selection of subjects, and benefit from being in a most vibrant city full of opportunities and career events. The exchange program helped open new career prospects and increase the ROI for my CEU degree."

Hungary | Exchange at KLU

"I only can encourage you to go to KLU if you are interested in the German market and business environment, especially in logistics, transport and trading. It is a great school for broadening your knowledge in these fields, and offers many extracurricular and networking activities. The months spent in Hamburg will have a very positive impact on my professional life."

Hungary | Exchange at ICS

"I spent a term at ICS Hitotsubashi in Tokyo. It gave a real insight into the Japanese way of making business. I enjoyed the lineup of guest speakers from different Japanese businesses, while further upgrading my skills during regular classes. The school is a gateway to Asian business with its alumni network and social events. Tokyo enriched my CEU experience with a real global element."