Advanced Consumer Research

Course Description: 

This course aims at offering an introduction to qualitative market research and methodology with a special focus on consumer research and consumer behavior. Topics such as consumption, consumer culture theory and consumer behavior will be discussed.  Participants will work with the academic literature dealing with the theories of consumer behavior and consumer culture. They will be introduced to the methodology through case studies in a comparative context, and will develop own case studies and collect data. The second theme of the course, qualitative market research will introduce participants to the leading methodological approaches in qualitative market research. The course will help participants to gain an overview of the theoretical bases of consumer research and of the advanced trends in consumer behavior studies. Furthermore, the course will contribute to the understanding of the complexity of forces that shape contemporary marketplace and consumer culture in the global consumer society.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Learn the terminology and definitions within the field of consumer behavior and consumer culture theory
  • Gain an insight into the interplay between the marketplace and modern consumer
  • Learn about cultural complexity of consumer behavior contexts in a global and comparative perspective
  • Learn about qualitative market research methods and their applicability
  • Become acquainted with a number of case studies from diverse cultural and economic contexts
  • Learn to work with theories and how to apply them
  • Learn to develop methodologies applicable to their own PhD research
  • Development of a research project connected to the topics discussed during the course
  • Critical presentation of the assignments agreed during the course