Developing a New Venture with CEU Innovations Lab

Course Description: 

This is a special, highly practice oriented out-of-classroom program adapted to the specific needs individuals and small teams. The goal is to provide students with the experience of planning, developing and building a real new venture. The learning would largely take place as a result of actually starting and/or scaling up a new venture (either de novo or part of an existing organization), as a founder or member of a startup team, under faculty supervision. The specific objective of this course is to develop and build a new for-profit or social venture.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • knowledge and skills for generating and evaluating venture ideas
  • testing venture ideas in practice
  • hands-on experience in designing and launching a new venture
  • a good understanding of the venture lifecycle with a special emphasis on launching and scaling-up
  • acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for preparing and implementing professional business plans
  • understanding the way of thinking of potential investors, preparation for investment negotiations and working with investors
  • understanding of entrepreneurial dilemmas in the first phases of a venture’s life
  • testing personal entrepreneurial ambitions and skills
  • understanding of the lean startup methodology and the importance of validation, learning and testing validation techniques

Evaluation will be carried out by faculty members formally assigned to this course as part of their official teaching load. Requirements are to be discussed after idea registration and the first individual discussion. The basis of evaluation is learning experience. Grading will be pass or dropping the course. You are allowed to drop this course without any consequence (of course you will not get your credit in this case). If you don’t finish your work in one semester you can register for the next one and continue working. Regular, efficient and transparent work is a general requirement.


Having a background in business studies is an advantage but not required.