Different Shapes of Data

Course Description: 

Type: elective

Timing: TBA


In last few years, the world of data has shifted from general solutions to specialized solutions, from closed commercial systems to a perplexing variety of open source systems, therefore choosing the right solution to the problem became a key element of the business analytics.

This course meant to be a practical course with several guests presenting real life business scenarios and the appropriate data solutions to support these scenarios. From the simplest relational cubes we will get to the “different shapes of data”, the immense variety of new technologies and data concepts all meant to support a new world of information. We will focus less on individual tools but complete data processes, from the acquisition of the data until the birth of the business value.  There is also a human aspect of this course: we are aiming to present several job roles from data scientist, through data engineer to chief data officer to give the students a job market guidance, useful after graduation.  


Learning Outcomes: