Digital Transformation

ECTS credits: 
Course Description: 

Type: core

Term: Winter 

Timing: Full time, part time: weekday evening

The past ten years have brought a fundamental change in our lives, and the reason for the changes was technological development itself. In times of crisis and continuously changing environment there is an evidence need for creativity and innovation to stay in front of others. Technologies of the new era are surrounded by data and are changing the business and market dynamics. Technology now ranks as the number-one factor impacting organizations, it revolutionizing products, operations and business models. In this technology driven business environment competition may come from anywhere. The business boundaries have been blurred and a disruptive innovation may even take many companies out of the game. There is no doubt that technology is re-shaping the business landscape but the main question is how and why now?

This course will be made up of interactive conceptual presentations and a workshop series with guests from all across the industries. The aim of this course is to give students business insights based on current and future technology trends and to raise the awareness of the audience about the rapid evolution of Technology by building up thoughts around ways how to adapt them in our everyday life.

The main objective of the course is to share practical knowledge and to help the audience understand the managerial and non-technical challenges in order to use the technology successfully. In order to achieve this, we will need to establish strong interactive sessions by bringing into the class real examples and field experiences.

Learning Outcomes: 

Core Learning Area

Learning Outcome

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Introduce students to the terminology of Digital Transformation. Improve ability to communicate and co-operate with technology managers and specialists. Demonstrate competence in effective writing and oral communication.

Technology skills

Get a close view to new technologies which will influence strategic business decision making now and in the future. Better understand the way of leveraging them.

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

The course will refer to some national and cultural variations in business practices, and also will underline the need to understand the context in which technology is applied. Students will be familiar with the human oriented aspects of the digital invaders.

Quantitative Reasoning

Reasoning in relationship to a particular business plan is very important for managers: quantitative issues will be discussed in relation to Technology (TCO, ROI)                               

Ethics and Social Responsibility

The course will give an insight into the tasks and challenges of Technology Management and Innovation.                                          

Management Knowledge and Skills

Gain basic knowledge and skills to recognize the contributions of technology to business needs situations/scenarios. Enabling students to discuss technology-related issues with both professionals and business. Have a clear understanding of the role of the Technology in enterprises.


The course grade will be based on a number of different evaluation elements.

  • Individual class participation        40%
  • Student Team Presentation         30%
  • Final Reflection                          30%

The instructor reserves the right to adjust the scale, that is, to grade on a "curve", should he find that significantly more than the usual number of students would not pass the course under the indicated grading scale or should the distribution of the grades represent an unrealistic pattern.