Digital Transformation

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Type: core

Term: Winter or Spring

Timing: Full time, part time: weekday evening
The past ten years have brought a fundamental change in our lives, and the reason for the changes was technological development itself. In times of crisis and continuously changing environment there is an evidence need for creativity and innovation to stay in front of others. Technologies of the new era are surrounded by data and are changing the business and market dynamics. Technology now ranks as the number-one factor impacting organizations, it revolutionizing products, operations and business models. In this technology driven business environment competition may come from anywhere. The business boundaries have been blurred and a disruptive innovation may even take many companies out of the game. There is no doubt that technology is reshaping the business landscape but the main question is how and why now? The main objective of the course is to share practical knowledge and to help the audience understand the managerial and non-technical challenges in order to use the technology successfully.

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