Empirical Political Economy

Course Term: 
2nd year
Course Description: 

This course aims at providing an introduction to contemporary research in Political Economy, empirical methodologies and substantive findings in the field. It will cover various empirical methods which are used in the field with a special focus on Political Economy of Development, Corruption, and Media. Throughout the course I will also provide links between theory and empirics.

Learning Outcomes: 

This course main purpose is to equip students with a set of common research tools,  various empirical methods which can be used to pursue research in Political Economy.

Another goal is to get students started on their research. Ideally, the term paper for the course will, at a later stage, serve as a chapter of student’s PhD dissertation (or Master thesis).

  • Paper replications and Presentations (25%)
    • From week 2, we will have two student presentations in class. Presentations will be from two of the papers included in the reading list and I will cover the rest. Presenters throughout the course will be determined in the first day of class. They are required to have done a careful reading and a replication of the main findings of the paper. The day before presentation, each presenter should upload in Moodle a PDF copy of the paper with the author names and journal initials in the file name.  All class participants are requested to read ahead the papers that will be presented and discussed in class.


  • Term paper (50 %)
    • Approximately 10-15 pages. You should be clear about your theory, data availability/collection, and your identification strategy. A project on data that do not yet exist, or will not be made available in the near future, is not valid.
  • 1 Referee Report (15 %)
    • The referee report will be on the final project of one of your classmates (I will be determining who will be the referee for which paper).
  • Class participation (10 %).
    • Marginal cases will also be determined by class participation.

Microeconomics, Econometrics

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