International Finance

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Course Description: 

Presentation of the major theoretical approaches in exchange rate, international capital markets and sovereign debt; their policy applications and relevance. The goals of the course are to acquire knowledge on and familiarize with the empirical relevance of exchange rate and international capital market theories and the ability to assess available policy options in different phases of economic development.

Learning Outcomes: 

(i) being familiar with different theories of exchange rate and capital markets;

(ii) being able to test, verify and validate different theories of exchange rate and capital markets;

(iii) being able to assess different policies of developed and developing economies in the field of exchange rate and capital markets.

  • Essay (optional) on a case study on exchange rate regime or capital market in a country, why they have or have not been changed; currency/debt crisis in a country or in a region; theoretical or methodological topics related to exchange rate, crisis, debt or capital markets; chosen topic to be approved in written until February 28, 2017; length: max 10 pages, weight: 25% - can only improve the final grade, electronic submission only, deadline: March 31, 2017
  • Written exam for grade with weight: 75% with essay or 100% without essay; exam consists of essay type questions
  • In order to get the minimum pass grade (C+) for the course, at least 50% of the weighted marks must be obtained
  • Audit: compulsory essay to be accepted

MA in Economics 1st year courses

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