This course is core for: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets, MSc in Business Analytics, PhD in Business Administrationelective for : MA in Global Economic Relations, MSc in Finance Seminars:Group 1: programming in STATA, full-time schedule, for MA and PhD students primarily. Group 2: programming in R, full-time...
Instructor: Arieda Muço
Credits: 2.0
elective for: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets, MA in Global Economic Relations ( Full Time)Presentation of the major issues in fiscal policy and public financial management: theoretical foundations, empirical measurement, institutional solutions
Instructor: Balázs Romhányi
Credits: 4.0
This course presents systematic explanation of the emergence of the global economy. This course is prepared as a broad introduction to the topics at the centre of policy debates, which the student - who may one day be involved in policy making in different contexts - might find useful. The course is taught in non-...
Credits: 4.0
elective for MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets and MA in Global Economic Relations ( Full Time)This course will introduce students to the theory, practice and reform of healthcare systems.  We will examine how such systems supposed to work, how they actually work, and how they can and cannot be reformed.  ...
Instructor: Peter Mihalyi
Credits: 4.0
core for : MA is Economic Policy in Global Markets 1st yrelective for : MA in Global Economic Relation ( Full Time) The course is student centred. It will explore a wide range of contemporary issues regarding policies and institutions.  Students will be expected to address real life economic policy problems, drawing...
Instructor: Jacek Rostowski
Credits: 3.0
Elective courseIn Program MA in Global Economic Relations elective only for Full Time students.A policy-design and practice-orientated course on macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy, budget planning and execution, subsovereign finance, regulation and supervision of financial institutions, corporate and financial...
Instructor: Lajos Bokros
Credits: 4.0
The course is designed to give a thorough but intuitive overview of the main causes and consequences of underdevelopment in the global economy. The focus will be on country-level analysis, but inequality within countries will also be discussed. Students will be exposed to the role of technology, human capital,...
Instructor: István Kónya
Credits: 2.0