Type: core Seminars: Group 1: for full-time students primarily. Group 2: for part-time students in MSc in Business Analytics primarily. Group 3: for MSc in Finance students and all for whom the course in not offered in their program. MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets students have to choose one from Data...
Instructor: Gergely Daroczi
Credits: 2.0
This course is core for: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets, MSc in Business Analytics, PhD in Business Administrationelective for : MA in Global Economic Relations, MSc in Finance Seminars:Group 1: programming in STATA, full-time schedule, for MA and PhD students primarily. Group 2: programming in R, full-time...
Instructor: Arieda Muço
Credits: 2.0
Type: core for MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets 1st yr, MSc in Business Analytics (full-time), MSc in Business Analytics (part-time)elective for: PhD in Business Administration, MA in Global Economic Relations (full-time), MA in Global Economic Relations (part-time), MSc in Finance (full-time), MSc in Finance (...
Instructor: Gábor Békés
Credits: 2.0
The course equips students with the math knowledge allowing them to go through theMA program successfully. Completion of the course is a necessary condition for continuing the program.The course aims to ensure that all the students mastered the mathematical skillssufficient to participate in the program.
Instructor: Gabor Revesz
Credits: 3.0
The objective of the course is to provide a systematic introduction to macroeconomics for students ofEconomic Policy. The course is designed to provide students with a unified framework that can be used toanalyze key macroeconomic issues such as growth, inflation, budget deficits, recessions, productivity,interest...
Instructor: Attila Rátfai
Credits: 4.0
Microeconomics studies how individual market participants, like households and firms, make their choicesfrom the alternatives available to them. It also studies how such choices interact in the market todetermine prices and resource allocations. A thorough understanding of microeconomics will be useful forany economic...
Instructor: Alessandro De Chiara
Credits: 4.0