Project management is at the heart of business change. All projects, in some way, result from and give rise to change. However, many project management publications focus on elements such as engineering or information technology, removing the focus from strategic corporate needs. This course is designed to demonstrate...
Instructor: István Ottó Nagy
Credits: 2.0
This is a basic course in the theories and practice of negotiation. The objective of the course is to show the essence of Consultative Selling and Negotiations by presenting the main topics of negotiations escorted by role play activities where the participants can get a feeling of real life situations during personal...
Instructor: Achilles Georgiu
Credits: 1.5
We will discover the latest digital trends, tools, and techniques that help companies in brand development and turning brand values to actual sales. Students will have the chance to follow real life examples from integrating digital methods into marketing plans through the campaign management to the evaluation of the...
Instructor: Tibor Farkas
Credits: 1.5
Instructor: Joy Chan
Credits: 1.5